Test Centre
Bertona - Borgomanero

Bertona & C. is also a Test Centre, with dedicated premises in Via Novara in Borgomanero. Our centre handles all general inspections of any transport vehicle and specialises in heavy vehicles, which can be booked on the dates indicated in the calendar below. We have technological instrumentation that allows us to offer an efficient and fast service, working with the utmost safety. In addition, we provide an installation and calibration service for digital tachographs and the calibration only of analogue tachographs. Bertona Test Centre: we always keep you on track.


General inspection

The first inspection must be made 4 years after the first registration in the month corresponding to the date of issue of the registration certificate; for mopeds, within the month corresponding to the date of issue of the certificate of technical suitability.
Subsequent ones must be carried out every two years in the month of the last inspection.


Annual inspection

This is scheduled every year in the month corresponding to the date of issue of the vehicle registration document for all the vehicles shown in the following table.



Our test centre can pre-inspect all heavy vehicles: we carry out a complete check of all the parameters that usually take place during the service, to avoid the heavy transport being not compliant.
After the pre-inspection, we issue a certificate in which we specify, where necessary, what works needs to be carried out so that the inspection is successful.
An extra service for our customers, which translates into monetary savings.

What happens after?

If the inspection is successful, an adhesive label is issued with the indication "esito regolare", which must be applied to the registration certificate.
In the event of a negative outcome, there are two possibilities:
- when the term "repeat" is shown, appropriate repairs of the systems indicated as being inefficient must be carried out by a trusted mechanic, and a new inspection must be carried out within a month;
- when the term "suspended" is shown, appropriate repairs must be made and a new request for an inspection must be submitted in order for the vehicle to be used on public roads.

Overhaul calendar of HGVS

Inspection of heavy vehicles

(Vehicles above 35q)
Consult the calendar and check the dates for heavy vehicle sessions. Contact us to book your test.
Heavy Vehicle Inspection Calendar.

Tachigrafici e Cronotachigrafi Carrozzeria Bertona

Tachographs and chronotachographs

Our Test Centre can calibrate and install digital tachographs and only calibrate analogue tachographs.

The calibrations are carried out with a roller bench.
All cables and sensors are integrated for maximum reliability and minimum downtime.
Integrated measuring devices and rollers make it reliable, safe and consistently accurate.
Safety features include roller cover plates for both rollers and lateral safety cones, preventing lateral movements or deviations of the vehicle.